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Journalism: articles/reviews I've written on entertainment media, and interiews I've conducted.

Brought to Life: The Encyclopaedia of AIs, Possesed Toys, & Other Sentient Objects. This is a project that is on hold until I sort out all the details, but if you like doing wiki sorts of things and have an interest in the subject matter, drop me a line! *Points to email link on the left of your screen.*

Temple of the Trickster: My blog about Trickster figures (and the actors who portray them *cough*). Granted, it's mostly reblogging, but I have a tags for posts where I actually *wrote* something about this figure or that. And I hope to do a lot more when my to-do list dies down ....

Original Fiction

I have a fantasy universe I call Gaiankind in production. In this storyverse, which is our own Earth, all beings are magical, including humans — it's just that some are more magical than others. Some abuse their power, while some envy those with more and would eradicate them.

There are several subsets of stories within this larger storyverse. There's Gods of Gaiankind, which explores mythology as it fits into this universe, while The Grimm Age does the same for European fairietales/folklore. The Drosselmeier Chronicles follows the adventures of an elf and his companions from the end of the Edwardian era through the Victorian age; it adapts famous fantasy stories from those times into "true" stories. Oakami-Hanyou is a comic that follows the life of a modern Japanese-American werewolf. Brightwing's Pack chronicles the problems a young amnesiac faces in the magical society of New Avalon, a "man"-made island in Lake Michigan, off the coast of Chicago.

You can read two stories from the The Drosselmeier Chronicles at deviantART:

"Nussknacker": a novella based on ETA Hoffman's story of "The Nutcracker Prince and the Mouse King".

"A Conspiracy of Spirits": a sequel to "Nussknacker", is a novella based on "A Christmas Carol", showing Jacob Marley's view of the night. Essentially, it's a love story about him and Ebenezer.

Using the psuedonym Anastasia Witchhazel, I have another, erotic sci-fi/fantasy storyverse in the works, called The Celestial Solidarity.

"Childhood Fears": a short story, horror genre. Lynn spends her last night in her apartment ...


All but the Sandman, Doctor Who, and Vampire Diaries fics are housed at the corresponding mini-sites — these are the direct links to the fanfic sections of those sites.

Harry Potter
Startgate SG-1
Extreme Ghostbusters

Doctor Who: "When One Door Closes" (AKA, "Reunion") - Read it at the whofic.com archive or my deviantART account.

The Vampire Diaries: "Brothers" - Read it here or my deviantART account.

Sandman: Death of a Dream

Dragonlance Fics - the stories "Ascending to Godhood" and the sequel, "A Whole New Worldsystem", can be found here.