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*** March 6th, 2016 ***

Journalism: articles/reviews I've written on entertainment media, and interiews I've conducted. (Page opens at my professional site, Crying Wolf Studio, in a new window.)

Most of my writing, both original and fanfiction, is housed at Archive of Our Own. There you'll find:

Stories of Gaiankind - my original fantasy storyverse based on mythology and folklore. It feautures The Dosselmeier Chronicles, the adventures of a shapeshifting elven necromancer / toymaker (and god) in the Regency, Victorian, and (eventually) Edwardian eras.

Marvel-based fanfiction (Loki [Kid Loki and MCU], Pepperoni [MCU], and Stucky [MCU])
Downton Abbey-based fanfiction (Thomas redemption)
Whedonverse-based fanfiction (Buffy / Angel: The Series [a lot of Spike redemption and Spuffy], Dollhouse [Topher-centric])
Spartacus-based fanfiction (Nagron episode tags)
Tangled-based fanfiction (Rapunzel/Eugene)
Twilight-based fanfiction (Kate/Garret)

I also have several one-shots (as in, I only wrote one fic for that fandom):
Sherlock (Sherlock/John, but platonic)
Prince of Persia (Dastan/Tamina)
Supernatural (non-shippy Sam, Dean, and Cas)
The Vampire Diaries (Damon and Stefan bromance)
Battlestar Galactica (2003) (Baltar redemption post-series)

I'm still in the process of migrating my fanfics over to AO3 -- some of them are on this site, on the fandom subsite pages:
Harry Potter
Startgate SG-1
Extreme Ghostbusters

And then there's:
Doctor Who: "When One Door Closes" (AKA, "Reunion") - Read it at the whofic.com archive or my deviantART account.