Check this page for the latest major siteupdates and news of what I'm up to! Dates are in MM/DD/YY format.

12/21/12 - (Again, I have been updating little things all over the site for ages, just not this page .... *sigh*) I was featured in this season's issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! :D

03/21/11 - I swear I have been updating parts of the site, like adding articles, art, and fanfics (Loki & Spartacus-related), and updating the fanlists; I just keep forgetting to update *here*! LOL! Also, recently revamped my My Little Pony site, Moonsget's Meadow ....

08/18/11 - My new book, The Drosselmeier Chronicles: The Solstice Tales is now for sale! (See my Gaiankind site for details). Buy it by September 15th, and get it for 15% off with coupon code AUGUST305!

08/09/11 - Recently made a site for my Gaiankind storyverse .... Added a fic and two articles to my Marvel fansite, and added the articles to the Writing: Journalism section here ....

07/21/11 - Decided to update this, the hub section of my site, redo the layout, bring it up to "code", so to speak. Because of that, I'm starting the update list over. If you really want to see the old updates, you can find them here. I've also: started a cafepress store for Gaiankind stuff, posted some old images from this site over at deviantART (you can find them in "Other Fanworks", and tweaked the Sandman & Dragonlance fics/posted them at deviantART as well.